Glazing Condition Surveys and Reports

Regardless of how new or old your building is, it is good practice to understand what condition your glazing is in. Highlighting and rectifying any potential problems before they arise is the most efficient method to ensure that your building is both safe and maintained to a high standard, as well as helping to reduce the risk of encountering unnecessary cost.

Vitrine Systems Survey Teams can carry out a full inspection of your glazing system and recommend any remedial action that may be necessary to maintain integrity of the system. We will inspect the key elements including the glazing system, fixings, supporting structure and the glass itself. Typical problems which can be identified include degradation of weather seals, loose and missing fixtures and fittings and the failure of hermetic seals – which can result in units ‘fogging’. In some cases non-safety glass, which can present a danger to occupants, can be identified and replaced, reducing the risk that an ineffective or jeopardised system brings.

Once the condition survey has been performed we will compile a comprehensive report which will highlight any defects. We will make clear our findings, highlighting any major defects which require immediate attention and any minor defects which should be looked at over time and/or monitored.

Carrying out Glazing Condition Surveys will provide you with the peace of mind that the building Warranties and Insurance remain valid.

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